Junior Golf Tour

Tuscaloosa Junior Golf Tour

The Tuscaloosa Golf Academy is operating a Junior Tour in our area.  We are looking to provide aspiring junior golfers opportunities to develop their tournament skills and enjoy a quality tournament atmosphere.  This will also help each player enhance his/her skills in tournament golf and learn the fine points of the USGA Rules of Golf under competitive conditions.  In addition, it will allow young people the chance to take their respective games to a higher level and enhance their golf resume.  Lastly, this has the potential to highlight junior golfers’ achievements to colleges, tournament sponsors, and local and national media.

In the 2019 summer season, we will be holding eight events at four different locations in the city of Tuscaloosa.  We are offering this opportunity to all children ages 10-18 and will divide them into five junior divisions.

Come join us and help us solidify and build a strong foundation for the future of junior golf in the Tuscaloosa area. For more information on the Tuscaloosa Junior Tour, please contact Bradley Ambler or stop by Ol’ Colony Golf Club located at 401 Old Colony Road.


How do I enter?

  • Complete the Junior Tour Entry Application by following the guidelines below.  Return your completed form to Ol’ Colony Golf Club.

What is the cost?

  • The cost for the Junior Tour membership will be $50 (one-time registration fee) and $20 (green fee) for each tournament you enter.  Registration fee will be waived for all 2019 First Tee participants.
Tuscaloosa Junior Golf Tour