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Faucett Brothers Center 205-331-5600

13040 Eugenia Faucett Dr, Northport, AL 35473

It is the largest of PARA’s activity centers at approximately 55,000 square feet. 

Some of the major features are separate indoor recreational and therapeutic pools, a fitness room with equipment, a rock climbing wall, a spin room, a gym and a suspended walking track. 


For membership information, click here!


Activity Centers may be rented in any PARA office or online.  You must have a PARA account to register online.  If you would like to get your login information, please contact any PARA office.  

If you have never registered with PARA, you can create an account online.  

Reserve a facility online.



Faucett Brothers Center Amenities--Fitness

We will offer a range of group exercise classes such as: cycling, boot camps, water aerobics, forever young (senior fitness class), and youth "exercise" classes. The classes offered will adapt to the needs and desires of our members as they change. 

We have enough group exercise equipment and Matrix spin bikes to accommodate up to 24 participants in each group class.

Cardio Equipment: 

  • 15 Matrix Treadmill
  • 2 Matrix Stepmills
  • 4 Matrix Hybrid Bikes 
  • 3 Matrix Upright Bikes
  • 4 Matrix Recumbent Bikes
  • 15 Matrix Ellipticals

Weight Room Equipment:

Pin select machines:

  • calf extension
  • hip adductor (inner thigh)
  • hip abductor (outer thigh)
  • leg curl
  • leg extension
  • leg press
  • glute
  • biceps curl
  • tricep press
  • shoulder press
  • lateral raise
  • pec fly
  • chest press
  • seated row
  • lat pull down
  • back extension
  • abdominal crunch
  • rotary torso

Other equipment & free weights:

  • 2 functional trainers
  • 2 smith machines
  • a plate loaded leg press
  • lunge machine
  • pull up/dip assist machine
  • 5 various benches
  • 3 abdominal benches
  • 3 sets of 5-50 lb dumbbells 
Daily User Fees

Non-Member Rate: $10

PARA Value Member or PARA Member Guest: $7

Youth(ages 6-15): $5

Senior(ages 55+): $5

Child(ages 0-5): FREE

Child Care Information

Child care is available for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old.


Monday-Friday: 8am-12pm, 4pm-8pm

Saturday: 8am-12pm

Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Cost To Add Family Members to your Deluxe Membership, including child care

  • $25/month children ages 6-12 (Membership Plus Childcare)
  • $17/month children ages 5 and under (Membership Plus Childcare)

Daily Fee for Child Care

  • $5 per child 
Rock Climbing Wall Information

For more information, email or call Mark Harrison at 331-5600.

Pool Information

There is a $100 Deposit Required for all pool rentals.

Basic Party Package Pool & Room for One Hour $160
Birthday Party Slide Package Pool, Slide and Room for One Hour $210
Wibit Inflatable Obstacle Course Package Pool, Inflatable & Room for One Hour $360





Printable Pool Rental Info 

Special Permit Application for Pools

**Guard cost included in rental rates.  There is a $100 deposit required for all pool rentals.  Deposits are forfeited when any deviation from guidelines/rules occur.  All monies will be receipted and deposited.  Deposit amount will be returned within 10 - 12 business days, provided that no deviation from guidelines/rules occurred.  Rental party assumes complete responsibility for damages and accidents occurring in the pool area during rental period.

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