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Alberta Gathering Place at Jaycee Park

To rebuild Tuscaloosa better than before.

Company Overview
The Pomegranate Center is a non-profit company based out of Seattle, WA focused on "bringing people together to build better communities". With the help of Tully's Coffee, they have pledged $25,000 to the city of Tuscaloosa in order to erect a community space " where people can meet, linger, chat, and celebrate". Their artists, architects, contractors, builders, and engineers provide the framework around which the residents of Tuscaloosa can come together to design and build a public place in an area affected by last April's tornado.

The Alberta Gathering Place Project is a community project focused on building a useful and creative gathering space in an area affected by the April 27th tornado. It will take place in the heart of Alberta, at Jaycee Park. An area affected by the tornado, Albert has been slow to recover. It is our dream that by June 10th, we can provide the residents of this community, as well as the residents of Tuscaloosa, with an artistic and imaginative gathering space. The focal point of the Alberta Gathering Place will be a small amphitheater seating roughly 80 people. At the center of this amphitheater will be a concrete performance stage. Tall metal pillars will be erected around the boarders of the amphitheater in order to anchor a mesh roof to provide shade. A walking path will meander through the amphitheater, making its way toward a raised observation point. Picnic tables, benches, and barbecue grills will be included in the park.All of these features will include materials salvaged from the tornado.

General Information
The Alberta Gathering Place Project is a community effort to rebuild Tuscaloosa in a manner that connects its residents to their neighbors, and the place in which they live. In 2011, Kimberly Krause Conway submitted a letter to the Pomegranate Center's "The Gathering Places Project", nominating Tuscaloosa for a $100,000 grant to build a public space. Ever since, Tuscaloosa volunteers and members of the Pomegranate Center have been working tirelessly to design a gathering place fitted to the wants and needs of the people of this city. A concept has been imagined, and with your help it can become a reality.
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