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PARA Day Camp offers success, friendship and FUN!


It’s tough to be a kid these days. It’s tough to be a parent too. One of the greatest gifts you can give a young child is the opportunity to draw on experiences that gives them healthy alternatives and chances to learn life skills.
PARAkids Day Camp offers all the benefits of structured recreation with the opportunity for personal growth, success, friendship and fun! PARAkids Camp is an alternative that goes far beyond childcare. And the best part is, when kids are having all this fun, they don’t even notice that they are developing the skills and values they need to practice growing up. 
Day Camp has many benefits: A healthy and safe environment, physical development, discovering new activities, encouraging social skills, long lasting friendships and self esteem development. An additional benefit of day camp is the chance for your child to be with other nurturing adults while still returning home every evening.


For more information on Day Camp, please email Melinda Wiggins or call (205) 562-3230.


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Weekly Camp Calendars

DayCamp 2014 at Palmore Park

Week 9, Belk Center Calendar

Week 9, Faucett Center Calendar

Week 9, Miller Center Calendar

Week 9, Phelps Center Calendar



  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melinda Wiggins at 205-562-3230.

Upcoming Day Camps

Summer Day Camp-- June 2-August 6 MORE INFO

Location: Belk, Miller, Phelps and Faucett Brothers Centers

Cost: $30 Registration Fee per child.  Registration for the Belk Center and Faucett Center camp is closed.

          $27/day per child, or $81 per week, sibling discount available


Extended Day Program 110130

An after-school program for students at Rock Quarry Elementary and Middle Schools.

$25 Registration Fee

$36/week or $12/day, sibling discount is available.

Contact Melinda Wiggins at 562-3230.

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