Tom's Talks

Tom's Talks

August 24,

WOW!  Another beautiful day at Van de Graff Parks and Lakes.  Made even more beautiful by the time and hard work donated by twenty-three University of Alabama students.  They cleaned most of our park and two of our five lakes.  Then they used the weed-eater on the entire front section, put out bark where it was needed and used leaf blowers to make it look clean and pretty.

While most of them were doing these things, four of them took two canoes and disappeared for the entire six hours.  First I thought they might be goofing off (They are college guys, after all!)  till we found seventeen huge bags stuffed full of trash collected from the lakes.  Most of that came from feeder creeks from north of 82.  Good job, men!

Not only did they do the work, these guys were prepared with their own equipment  and even brought their own lunches and drinks.  A big T-H-A-N-K-S goes out to this group who who represented the University in a way that should make us all proud.

On another note, two families dropped in this morning with a pair of twins and a blanket, using different locations to take some great pictures.  Also, did I mention about two weeks ago that a man and his son came out on a Saturday afternoon and caught some FISH.  They caught seven bass in the main lake and then dragged their float boat to the Peninsula Lake and caught eleven more, the biggest being over three pounds!  Best day this summer, with a haul of seventeen bass in four hours.  You should grab your pole and join them!

See you on the flip side!