Tom's Talks

Tom's Talks

August 24

Fall must be coming, since Bama plays it's first football game on September 2, which is only a week from Saturday!  There's still time to reserve RV and Wilderness camping sites for the first home game.  Go by Faucett Brothers Activity Center in Northport to reserve your spot.

The mornings are cooler lately and a morning walk through these beautiful woods does something to revive your spirit.  What is it about being out in nature that seems to make time slow down?  Thinking seems clearer.  Big problems don't seem so big when you're watching a couple of squirrels chase each other from tree to tree or you're reeling in that big bass that got away last time.  With all the talk about North Korea, nuclear bombs, rioting and terrorism, we all need to get alone and let the sun shine warm our hearts and the gentle breezes cool our thoughts. 

When the stress at work gets to you, gather the ones you love and bring them to the park for an old fashioned picnic.  Tell your son to turn off his technology and sit by you on the swing while you ask him how life is in the fifth grade.  What's his favorite subject?  Does he like his teacher?  Are any of the kids giving him a hard time?  Tell him stories about your childhood.  It helps to remember the reason we put up with all the paperwork and a grumpy boss.

Anyway, that's my opinion, and it's the only one I've got.