Tom's Talks

Tom's Talks

August 29, 2017

Hey guys!  It's been quite a week for fishing here at PARA's Van de Graff Park.

On Friday, a man I've frequently seen fishing - but rarely seen catch anything to brag about - landed a nice four to five pound bass.  His catch was near the pier on the main lake at Gate 1.  His grin lit up the whole park!

Saturday was really busy.  Tony and his cigar landed a five pounder on the Peninsula Lake.  The funny thing is:  I pointed out a spot and told him I had a good feeling about it.  I didn't tell him I'd never caught a thing there!  (And neither had anyone else as far as I knew.)                            

Lashandra (one of our part time volunteers (who we greatly appreciate!) came out and brought four or five family members and friends.  They were fishing near Gate 2 by the Bat Motel.  I didn't find out what kind of catch they got.

Also on Saturday i saw a nice couple preparing to haul a lot of camping equipment - probably about 150 pounds.  They had been there before and scouted out B7 as their favorite campsite.  Knowing that was going to be quite a workout, I offered to help them get their equipment to the site.  They said they appreciated it, but I'm not sure that hey might have considered that part of the adventure!

I caught a quick wave and hello from Robert (another of our fine part time volunteers (who we greatly appreciate!).  He was "in the zone", fishing hard at the Peninsula Lake.

On Sunday, Brandon and Jeremy were working the banks by the Peninsula Lake.  Guess Brandon's trying for another six pounder like the one he caught before.

On Monday, Jeremy's SUV was spotted at Gate 2, so I guess they're still looking looking to beat Brandon's record.

Also on Monday I met a young man named Skylar, sporting a beard of which the "Duck Dynasty" gang would have been proud. He was on a great mountain bike, outfitted with everything from water bottle to axe.  He  had been there Friday and Saturday and was back to finish exploring the rest of  our 200 acres.  He said we have great paths for mountain bikes, so you bike enthusiasts might want to check us out!

See you on the flip side!