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Aquatics & Swim

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Arts, Hobbies & Education

John Tilley

Watercolor Classes - 402113, 402114

Watercolor Painting:

The instructor works individually with each student at any skill level. Various watercolor techniques will be covered with an emphasis on color, composition and values. A variety of subject matter will be painted. Previous painting experience is not required.

Advanced Watercolor:

These classes are designed for those with previous watercolor experience. Students will paint subjects of their own choosing 
and be encouraged to develop their own style as well as exploring various watercolor techniques.

Watercolor Classes

Beginning Guitar Lessons for Adults - September 30-November 4

This is a six week introductory class for adults. Students will learn how to tune and care for their guitar, as well as learning introductory chords and strum patterns. They will also learn to accompany songs and much, much more.

A guitar, preferably acoustic, is required for this course.

Beginning Guitar Lessons for Adults

Beginning Oil Painting - 402135

Easy steps to oil painting taught by a seasoned artist. Small classes provide attention to the individual student and will promote a more enjoyable learning experience. Various subject matter will be painted.


October 3-November 7



Phelps Center


Beginning Oil Painting

Exercise & Fitness

Personal Training - 402133

One on one training with our certified fitness professionals.

One hour sessions are $25/hour.

Schedule a session today! 331-5600

Personal Training
Sarah Smith

Pet Training

Dog Obedience

Need to get that unruly pooch under control? We can help! Dogs must be at least 4 months old and have had all of their vaccinations. Those with a history of biting or vicious behavior are discouraged from registering for the course.  Call 562-3230 for more information.


Dog Obedience


Rockin' & Rollin'

Bring your roller blades or skates and

Rock n’ Roll on wheels to your favorite tunes.

Play Wipe-Out, Limbo and jump on the Moon Walk.

**No Scooters **

Grades K-5

Drawings for Prizes  


  • $7 per person, includes 1 slice of pizza, drink and snack.
  • Other snacks are available for purchase. Cash only. Please put money in a ziplock bag with child's name.


  • 6pm-8pm


  • Aug. 30
  • Sept. 27
  • Nov. 01
  • Dec. 06
Rockin' & Rollin'