Activities & Classes

For more information on Activities & Classes, please email John Tilley or call (205) 562-3230.

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John Tilley

Arts & Crafts

Watercolor Classes - 402113, 402114

Watercolor Painting:

The instructor works individually with each student at any skill level. Various watercolor techniques will be covered with an emphasis on color, composition and values. A variety of subject matter will be painted. Previous painting experience is not required.

Advanced Watercolor:

These classes are designed for those with previous watercolor experience. Students will paint subjects of their own choosing 
and be encouraged to develop their own style as well as exploring various watercolor techniques.

Digital Photography - 402195

Instructor: Hank Seigel, Certificate in Digital Photography from Birmingham School of Photography, 4 years experience in teaching photography and conducting workshops.

Exercise & Fitness

Yoga Therapy - 402110

This class is for persons with MS, back conditions, arthritis, senior adults or beginners who would like to take an adapted (gentle) yoga class. You may use a chair during the yoga class. Pay monthly, or drop-in for $9 per class.

Pilates - 402119

Pilates & Total Body Conditioning: 
This class will offer traditional Pilates exercises to strengthen your core and more challenging muscle endurance exercises for your total body. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome. Please bring a mat for this class. Drop in for $9 per class or pay monthly.

Morning Mat Pilates:

The instructor uses Joseph Pilates' movement and alignment principals where students strengthen core muscles, increase flexibility, improve balance, decrease stress, and improve general health. The exercises are safe, low impact, and appropriate for anyone from age 10-100. Students must provide their own mats.

Personal Training - 402133

One on one training with our certified fitness professionals.

One hour sessions are $25/hour.

Schedule a session with Hannah or Sam. 331-5600

Hatha Yoga - 402183

Learn relaxation techniques while you increase your strength and flexibility. New classes begin monthly. Bring your yoga mat and join us any time! Drop-in for only $9/class or pay monthly.

Pet Training

Puppy Kindergarten - 402185

These classes will allow your puppy to build confidence and learn canine social etiquitte. They will be exposed to all kinds of people, situations and other dogs at an early age and are taught good behavior. Instructions will focus on puppies responding to his/her name, sit, down, polite greeting and bite inhibition. Puppy must be between 2.5-4.5 months old.

Dog Obedience - 402121

Need to get that unruly pooch under control? We can help! Dogs must be at least 4 months old and have had all of their vaccinations. Those with a history of biting or vicious behavior are discouraged from registering for the course.

Special Events

Community Garage Sale - 830100

Clean out your closets and take advantage of the convenience of our indoor gym to sell your unwanted stuff.
Booths sell out, so please register early. 
Shoppers, come for great bargain hunting, rain or shine! 
It's like an indoor flea market, with free admission to shoppers.

Small Business Showcase - 830101

Plan ahead for this popular event designed to provide an opportunity for new and small business owners to showcase their products and skills to the people who live in their community. Sellers must pre-register to reserve a booth. Booths sell out, so register early! 

Registration Deadline: July 2 There is a $10 late fee after the deadline.

Senior Adult

Hotdogs & Hymns - 402164

Come and join us on the 1st Monday of each month for fun and fellowship as we grilled hotdogs  and have an old fashioned hymn sing-a-long.  Invite your friends.  We will sing your favorite.

Brunch & Bingo - 903420

Come and join us for fun and a delicious brunch for only $4. Afterwards, those purchasing the brunch can play bingo FREE. This event is designed especially for seniors and is a joint effort between PARA and North River Village Assisted & Independent Living.

Breakfast & Bingo - 903421

Come and join us for a fun and delicious breakfast! Afterward, those purchasing breakfast can play bingo for FREE! This event is designed specially for seniors. Breakfast is only $4.

West Alabama Dance - 903422

Enjoy fellowship with your friends and kick up your heels to the music of The Echos. It doesn't matter whether you like to dance to country music or just like to sit and pat your foot. You'll have a good time.


Rockin' & Rollin' - 100001

Bring your roller blades or skates and "Rock N Roll" on wheels to your favorite tunes. Prizes, games and a D.J. are always part of the fun. Fee includes 1 slice of pizza, drink and one snack. Other concessions are extra.

Baton, Dance, Twirl - 402128

Beginning to advanced classes taught by National Twirling Association Accredited Instructor, Coach & Judge, Cathy Earnest. Prices range from $68-$78 per session. Reduced pricing for multiple classes during the same session or more than one child in a family.

Classes available for indivuals or majorette lines.

For additional information and to order batons contact Cathy Earnest at (205) 310-2360.

Career Labs - 402198

Career labs are designed for high schoolers who are finding their way toward the world of work and career choices. 
PARA is proud to have six representatives from local business and industry signed on to present a glimpse of career and job opportunity in their respective areas. Each workshop is $30.

For more information, contact Ron Elkins, 562-3220, ext. 34.

 FREE PREVIEW of Career Lab:

  • May 5 @ the Belk Center, 6:30p-7p 
  • May 6 @ the Faucett Center, 10a-10:30a


Forest Management, June 3-4, Belk Center: Learn about forest ecosystems, cruising timber, how to calculate board feet, when and where to have controlled burns, GIS, etc. You will get a view of the work, working conditions, job outlook, earnings etc.  

CNC Machining, June 15, Shelton State Martin Campus: Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) uses tools and computer language to manufacture parts at precise measurements. Students train on state-of-the-art equipment. You will get a view of the work, working conditions, job outlook, earnings, etc. 

Residential Air Conditioning, June 16, Shelton State Martin Campus: Theory and practical work are offered in this lab. You will get a view of the work, working conditions, job outlook, earnings, etc. 

Machining Technology, June 17, Shelton State Martin Campus: Use machine technology to convert metal, plastic, and other materials into useful products with great precision. You will get a view of the work, working conditions, job outlook, earnings, etc. 
*Produce parts from engineering drawings.
*Make accurate and precise measurements. Read and create engineering drawings.
*Set up and operate many different machine tools.

Land Surveying, June 22-23, Miller Center: Learn about boundary survey, topo, and stakeout. Hands on surveying instruments and GPS. You will get a view of the work, working conditions, job outlook, earnings etc.

Wiring Methods, Electric, A/C, Plumbing, June 17-18, Shelton State Martin Campus & Premier Service Company: Theories & principles of the wiring methods. Related labratory projects allow students to put into practice the knowledge and skills gained. 

Road and Bridge Building, June 24-25, Hughes Center: Build a mock bridge and test the impulse-momentum theorum. 
Get an overview of careers and job opportunities offered by the Alabama DOT and other employers.

Forecast and Weather Preparedness, July 15-16, Hughes Center