Youth Developmental Softball

Interested in becoming a coach?

All coaches must complete an application for each program they wish to coach with.  

Coach safely training and background checks must be completed each year.

New this year!

In an effort to assist with the development of our youth softball players and prepare them for middle and high school softball, PARA Athletics Staff and the Softball Advisory Committee, have agreed on the following format changes.

Modified Pitch

Modified pitch softball is a combination of slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball. In modified pitch the pitcher cannot use a windup or fast circular motion in order to deliver the pitch. Each pitch is delivered with one quick motion, without a large arch like slow-pitch and with ball velocity slower than in fast-pitch softball.

Age cutoff is January 1, 2021



Coaches Meeting-- 6pm
Belk Activity Center

First Game Cost # Games
8 & Under March 5 March 11 March 27 $600 8
10 & Under March 5 March 11 March 27 $800 10
12 & Under March 5 March 11 March 27 $800 10

Note to all coaches:

A team roster and the league fee or a signed letter of commitment by sponsor is due at the time of registration. All teams are encouraged to have a coach or assistant coach at the meeting.


Dale Phillips
Belk Center