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 For more information on Aquatics, please email Chelsea Hall or call (205) 758-0419 or email Mark Harrison or call (205) 331-5600.

Registration deadline for all Aquatics classes is the day class begins unless otherwise noted.

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Current Aquatics Classes

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LIfeguard Training - 607702

Lifeguard Training


December 8-17

4-9 pm

Faucett Center


LIfeguard Training

Swim Training - 606101

Goals for Swim Training
 Train to help prepare those who have a passion for competitive swimming.
 Cross-Train to help strengthen those who play multiple sports.
 Fitness training without the worries of competition, but all the joys of swimming. 

Our passion is to help children learn the skills and techniques of all four swim strokes while building their endurance to help benefit them in competitive swimming, fitness, or cross-training, Which one fits you?

Must be able to swim 25 yards Freestyle and 25 yards Backstroke

Monday / Wednesday




Swim Training

Indoor Swim Lessons - 606703

The best thing anyone can do to stay safe in and around the water is to learn to swim. Keep your child's swimming skills in shape by swimming all year round.


Miller and Faucett Centers

Tuesdays and Thursdays



Register- Indoor Swim Lessons

Indoor Swim Lessons
Mark Harrison
Faucett, 331-5600
Chelsea Hall
Miller, 758-0419

Aquatic Rentals Cancellation Policy:

All reservations require at least 10 days notice prior to event. No cancellations can be made 10 days prior to the event, unless it is an outdoor facility & is due to a weather related cause. Weather cancellations can be made up until the time of the event, but not after the rental has started.