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@hkhedrick Park playgrounds and restrooms will be closed as well. 6 days ago

TUSC Soccer at Home – Day 9 Ronaldinho Cut Back Drill Setup: Throw down as many cones (rocks, socks, or shoes) as you have in a big space on the ground and place a single cone 10 to 15 yards away from the Ronaldinho drill.  For a more advanced version, make the cones more tightly packed.  For an easier version, make the cones more spread out. Drill: Dribble throughout the cones going any direction that you want, using whatever part of the foot you want, and doing whatever moves you want. Once you have dribbled around the cones for 15-30 seconds, push out of the drill and accelerate towards the far cone while maintaining a controlled dribble. Once you get close to the cone, perform a turn, and accelerate back to the Ronaldinho Drill and dribble around it for another 15-30 seconds. Different Turns:  Inside Cut  Outside Cut  Step over  Pull Turn Perform the drill 5 to 10 times using different turns. Remember to clean up and have fun!

Humpday!!! Everyone have a great workout! Compliments of @amberclayton96! #PARAfit #TCPARA #noexcuses #healthylifestyle #youvegotthis #athomeworkouts

TUSC Soccer at Home – Day 8 Wall Pass to a 5 Yard Roll Setup: All you need is a ball and a wall! Drill: Stand 4-5 yards away from a wall with a ball at your feet. Use your right foot to pass the ball firmly against the wall so that it rebounds back to you with some pace. Trap the ball at your feet and then using the sole of your right foot, roll the ball 5 yards to your left. Once you have traveled 5 yards, hit the pass against the wall with your left foot, trap the ball as it comes back to you, and roll the ball 5 yards to your right using the sole of your left foot. Repeat 10 times each foot:  Inside of foot pass  Shoelaces pass  Outside of foot pass Variations:  Try different distances from the wall  Trap the ball with different parts of your foot Challenge:  Perform a 7 min Ball Basic move after you roll the ball  How many passes can you make in 20 seconds?