Court Times

How to Reserve a Court Time

Members are allowed to reserve courts up to seven (7) days in advance for indoor courts and four (4) days in advance for outdoor courts. 

Non‐members are allowed to reserve courts (with a credit card) 24 hours in advance. Pay-to-Play courts for the public can be reserved
by paying at the front desk or by calling the facility and providing credit card information.

The following rules and etiquette should be observed for the maximum enjoyment of all guests. The management shall have the final authority as to interpretation of enforcement of the following rules:


  • All players must register at the front desk before play. Failure to register before play means the player has no standing on the courts.
  • All players must leave the court promptly when their reserved time expires. If they desire to continue playing, they may report to the front desk to see if the courts are available.
  • Players shall be dressed in appropriate tennis attire and shall wear tennis shoes. Absolutely no other types of shoes (i.e. jogging shoes) other than rubber‐soled tennis shoes will be permitted on the court surfaces at any time.
  • No food or caffeinated drinks shall be permitted on the indoor courts.
  • Trash should be placed in the containers located near the courts.
  • Please restrict cell phone usage during play.

Indoor Court Time Rates

7a-9a Included $12/court per hour + $10 guest fee
9a-1p $20/court per hour $20/court per hour + $10 guest fee
1p-3p Included $12/court per hour + $10 guest fee
3p-close $20/court per hour
$20/court per hour + $10 guest fee

Court Reservation Policies for Members

1. Outdoor courts are free to members.

2. Indoor Free Time may be reserved up to FOUR days in advance for 1 1⁄2 hours singles or doubles. The reservation must be cancelled at least 3 hours in advance or a fine to the Member in whose name the court is reserved.

3. Indoor courts may be reserved up to 7 days in advance for up to 2 hours singles or doubles. This time must be cancelled at least 6 hours in advance. There will be no charge if the court time is resold.

4. Outdoor Courts (Free) may be reserved up to 4 days in advance for 2 hours singles or doubles. This time must be cancelled at least 3 hours in advance.

5. Reservations are accepted beginning at 7am Monday through Saturday, and at 12pm on Sunday. Whether by phone or by walk‐in with all pay time court reservations accepted up to 7 days in advance and all free time court reservations up to 4 days in advance.

6. Indoor Ball Machines are available for a rental fee of $15/hour during free court time and $25/hour during regular court time. Use the reservation and cancellation policies applicable to the time of day you wish to reserve the ball machine.

Non-Members Court Time Rates

Non-member fee:
$10 flat fee per visit, plus applicable indoor court time charges

Indoor Ball Machine: $35/hour includes court time and non member fee

Pay‐to‐Play courts for non-members can be reserved the day of play.