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Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club’s Academy Program is designed for boys and girls U9-U11 or 8-10 years old.  Academy teams play within the Alabama Youth Academy Program and the Development League (D-League) sponsored by the Alabama Soccer Association.  The program has been created to promote player development over team development in a child centered environment in an effort to increase enjoyment and retention.  The priorities are safety, fun, development and love of the game of soccer.

The Academy is led by Coach Barry Spitzer, Executive Director of Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club.  Coach Spitzer brings over 38 years of experience in youth athletics, an US Soccer A-License, a Premier Diploma and many more certifications.  Coached by our highly qualified, professional coaching staff, the academy practices two to three times a week, competes in Alabama Youth Academy Program play dates, D-League games, and has the opportunity to attend tournaments each season.

Invitation to participate in the Academy is offered through player evaluation sessions held each spring and winter.  This is a great opportunity for your child to compete with players of similar ability and commitment level and enjoy an excellent experience with youth soccer.

Academy Soccer 

Invitation Only

Dates | Times

The Academy Soccer Program plays in the fall and spring of each year.  The Academy has two practices each week (historically Monday & Thursday from 5:45pm - 7:00pm), with an additional goalkeeping training session at Sokol North Complex.  Travel is required as games are primarily played in the Birmingham area, along with limited home games at Sokol North Complex. 


Academy Registration and Fees

Registration for the Academy is by invitation only and is available online and in person at any Tuscaloosa County PARA Office during office hours (8a-5p, M-F). 

There are three financial obligations for Academy Soccer at Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club.

  1. Club Fee
  2. Team Fee
  3. Soccer Uniform

The Club Fee for the academy is $425 per participant per season.  The club fee includes team training, goalkeeper training, coaching staff pay, major equipment costs, administrative costs, facility costs, etc. Fees are paid each fall and spring.


Team Fees are unique to each team and vary based on travel and tournament participation. The team fees cover team bond, tournament entry fees, coach travel expenses, officials, team events, minor equipment costs, etc.  Payment will be handled by each team’s manager throughout the season each fall and spring.


Uniforms for the Academy are purchased directly from Soccer.com by each player individually.  Participants will receive an email from Soccer.com detailing how to order their uniforms as needed.


Payment Options for Club Fees:

  • Option 1: Pay full amount of club fees ($425) for one Academy Soccer Season.
  • Option 2: Pay club fee deposit ($100) upon registration and remaining balance will be billed in two equal installments from your credit card or checking account (Full Payment Due July 14, 2024 for fall).

Important:  Registration must be complete, and the club fee must be paid, before a player is allowed to participate.  If the club fee or club fee deposit has not been paid by July 13, 2024 for fall, a late fee will be charged. The late is fee $50. The player will not be allowed to participate until all Club fees have been paid.


Team fees will be handled by the team manager and charged separately at a later date.

Academy Soccer Evaluations

Academy Evaluations are held twice a year, in the spring and the fall.  All players interested in participating in Academy Soccer at Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club must attend evaluations to be considered.  Players unable to participate in evaluations due to relocation to Tuscaloosa, injury, etc may request a supplemental evaluation* by contacting the Executive Director.  We strongly encourage all players to attend evaluations to allow players the best opportunity to be seen by our coaches.  

*Supplemental Evaluations:  Individual Assessments or supplement evaluations are exclusively used to add to existing Academy rosters, provided space is available.  There is no guarantee that space will be available in an age group after the initial evaluation process is complete.  


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Barry Spitzer

Executive Director of Soccer
Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club