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West Alabama Christmas Parade

Parade is scheduled for Monday, December 6 | 6:30pm
Theme: Superheroes Celebrate Christmas


Historical Listing

PARA inherited the coordination of the Christmas parade from the West Alabama Jaycees whose last parade was in 1974. Santa Claus arrived to an event in Capitol Park in 1975. PARA’s history of Grand Marshals begins in 1976.

The following is a historical listing of Grand Marshals:

  • 2020 Unfortunately the Parade was cancelled this year
  • 2019 “The Official Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Parade” Tim Parker, Cathy Randall and Harrison Taylor
  • 2018 Reverend Frank Kennedy, Sr., CPL Mark Weaver and Judge Hardy McCollum 2017 Virgie Greene, Rev. Thomas Linton, Shelley Jones and Dee Ward
  • 2016 Sandra Baker and David E. Gay, Jr.
  • 2015 Leroy McAbee, Fred Hahn and Jimmy Harrison, Jr.
  • 2014 Tommy Hester and Jim Lawson
  • 2013 Buddy Burton and Fitzgerald Washington
  • 2012 WWII Honor Flight Veterans
  • 2011 A custom designed, commemorative flag honoring those lost, those affected and the many responders after the April 27 tornado
  • 2010 Alvin P. DuPont and Theophilus Danzy
  • 2009 Carrie Fitts and Emily Leigh representing the volunteers of Kentuck
  • 2008 Carolyn Fritz and Sam Faucett
  • 2007 Harry Lee and Dr. Doug Phillips
  • 2006 Jimmy Harrison, Jr. and Milady Murphy
  • 2005 Ann Gibson (Salvation Army), Virginia Cruse (American Red Cross), and Jim Singleton (Temporary Emergency Services) representing volunteers who aided in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  • 2004 Paul Singleton, Verta Barr Meherg and Marvin Harper
  • 2003 A member of four military branches and a member of Ala. National Guard
  • 2002 Judge John H. England Jr., Mary Ann Phelps and Dawson Christian
  • 2001 Local firefighters represented by John Brook, Pedro Hollingsworth, Keith Hyche, Mike Oswalt and Billy Doss
  • 2000 James Barnett, Billy Hubbard, Debra Bush, Perry Free
  • 1999 Emmett Dendy and Victor Poole
  • 1998 A.H. Bean, Joe Mallisham and Jim Wells
  • 1997 Bill Taylor, O.D. Thomas, Zelpha Wells
  • 1996 Coaches Sarah Patterson and David Patterson
  • 1995 Ken Swindle, Ted Sexton and Dempsey Marcum
  • 1994 Bessie Aubrey and Myrtle Gray
  • 1993 Dr. Joyce Sellers and Dr. Robert Winter
  • 1992 Dan Kilgo
  • 1991 Ruth Ann Stallings and John Mark Stallings
  • 1990 Dr. Barry Mason, Emmett Dendy, Willie Forte, Mike Spiller, Tim Parker Jr., and A.D. Christian
  • 1989 Hoyt "Wu" Winsiell 1988 John Stallworth
  • 1987 Joe Sewell
  • 1986 Wimp Sanderson
  • 1985 Dr. Joab Thomas, Dr. Cordell Wynn and Leo Sumner
  • 1984 Don Grambril, Lillie Leatherwood, Calvin Smith, Justin Lemberg
  • 1983 Walter Lewis
  • 1982 Mike Davis
  • 1981 Big Al
  • 1980 Steadman Shealy
  • 1979 Bobby Allison
  • 1978 Butch Hobson
  • 1977 Bobby Allison
  • 1976 Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant