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Aquatics & Pools

Nancie Blewitt Fall Swim Lessons

  • January 12-31   M/W   3:30-4:00pm    $55 per child  No class Jan 17

    • February 2-28   M/W    3:30-4:00pm    $85 per child



Pre-requisite Requirement: Must be able to glide on top of the water for 2 to 3 yards

  • January 12-31   M/W   4:00-4:30pm    $55 per child  No class Jan 17

    • February 2-28   M/W   4:00-4:30pm    $85 per child


Faucett Center

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Nancie Blewitt Swim Training for Children

Ages 7-18

Goals for Swim Training
  • Train to help prepare those who have a passion for competitive swimming.

  • Cross-Train to help strengthen those who play multiple sports.

  • Fitness training without the worries of competition, but all the joys of swimming.

Our passion is to help children learn the skills and techniques of all four swim strokes while building their endurance to help benefit them in competitive swimming, fitness, or cross-training, Which one fits you?

Pre-requisite Requirement: Must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle

  • January 12-31    M/W  4:30pm-5:30pm   $45 per child  No class Jan 17
    • February 2-28    M/W  4:30pm-5:30pm   $75 per child

Join at any time! Evaluation will take place on your first day.
At the end of each month, both teams will have ribbon races & birthday celebrations!
Instructor: Nancie Blewitt


Faucett Indoor Pool

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Mondays & Wednesdays



Personal | Private Swim Training

& Fitness Services

All our personal trainers are contract employees and some of them offer training packages or additional fitness services.  Please discuss this during your initial consult.

Lifeguard Training

Ages 15 and Older

Certified American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructors teaches you the skills you need to become a certified lifeguard. Must be able to pass core swimming requirements. (300-yard swim, 15-yard swim with a 10lb brick and 2 mins of treading without hands)